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France, 2019

Production : De films en Aiguille

Programmed by Vonnick Ribéraud




As a stutterer, I document my tragi-comic attempts to achieve a certain fluidity on a daily basis. With family, loved ones, strangers, the world is stuttering and me with it. Investigating the causes of this twisted relationship to speech, I dive into the abundant knowledge related to stuttering, explore my throat, my brain, my family history, experimenting different ways of being in an attempt to become someone else. A burlesque journey, where everyone seems to believe that being "fluid" necessarily involves accepting your blockages.

Tënk's opinion

In this daring short film, the director, in order to get rid of his stutter, sets himself a series of challenges. He doesn’t hesitate to give of his person, putting himself out there and trying to tame this inner turmoil. The provoked situations, each one more comical than the other, lead him to expose himself with a lot of sincerity and self-mockery. Not without a certain hindsight, he walks, gropes, questions himself with his partner who become’s a privileged interlocutor. It is with great accuracy and humility that the film is built before our eyes and reveals the meanders of a journey towards a much sought-after liberation. This documentary bears witness to a daily struggle, that of the director but also that of those who, like him, find themselves hostages in their own bodies.

Vonnick Ribéraud
Member of “Les films en route” jury

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