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France, 2019

Original music : Wassim Halal Production : L'Atelier documentaire

Programmed by François Waledisch


French, English

Brouillon d'un rêve


A political refugee in France, Diako Yazdani, returns to Iraqi Kurdistan and seizes the opportunity to introduce his family to Kojin, a 23-year-old gay friend. Confronting different points of view, the director paints a portrait of a society where homosexuality cannot exist. Treated with humour and depth, this surprisingly contrasting sociological portrait opens the way to a universal reflection on difference through an incredibly endearing character.

Tënk's opinion

We might wonder what the title “Toutes les vies de Kojin” (The Many Lives of Kojin) refers to: the many deaths Kojin has avoided? (Gay people are threatened with death in several sequences); the many “solutions” suggested to him to solve his “problem” in this clan-like society; or, more likely, the many roles he takes on, hoping for his personal identity to be recognized and accepted? It’s here that the film’s strength lies: the director and his character are fighting this battle together, provoking remarks from the people they talk to that are shocking, terrifying and even unintentionally comic. In the course of his many strategies, born aloft by the dynamics of the shoot, Kojin displays ever-stronger resolve. Alas, far from its initial aim, the epilogue shows that he is not yet at the end of his many lives…



François Waledisch
Sound Engineer



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