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France, Switzerland, 2014

Production : Les Colporteurs, Groupe Galactica, AGM Factory, Caravel Production, Vivement Lundi !

Programmed by Line Peyron


In 2000, Antoine Rigot, a tightrope master, lost the use of his legs. Instead of compelling him to give up the stage, this accident encouraged him to become both the object and subject of his shows. Little by little, his desire to flirt with equilibrium returns. The fall and rebirth of a humble & courageous tightrope walker.

Tënk's opinion

The arts invite us to transcend ourselves. And here, it’s the artist who, by never giving up, also demonstrates this notion. In this invitation the film offers us, we’re witness to the creation of allegories that enable us to put back into perspective these simple movements, these ordinary scenes, ones that are no longer ordinary for the character. The narrative of this body seems to tell us more than words could, words that would only close us in and restrict us. Thus emerges a new aesthetic, transforming a tragedy into the beginning of a new story.

Line Peyron

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