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Sweden, 2019

Original music : Charlie Jefferson Production : Sisyfos Film Production, GID Films Ltd, Arte France, SVT - Sveriges Television AB

Programmed by L'équipe de programmation de Cent Soleils


French, English

Blossom in the Brambles


“Scheme Birds” is the story of Gemma, a teenage troublemaker, growing up in a world of pigeons and violence. From childhood to motherhood, her life unfolds as innocent games turn towards serious crime.

Tënk's opinion

Gemma grew up near Glasgow in Motherwell, a former mining town destroyed by Thatcher’s ultra-liberal politics in the 1980s, where drugs, alcohol and violence are the only cures for boredom. Caught up in this maelstrom with no future to look forward to, Gemma hangs out with her friends and learns to box with her grandfather who took her in when she was still a baby and raised her. But she hits back rather than throwing punches, a sign of her dead-end life. Following her for several years, and weaving a metaphor with the freedom of the pigeons her grandfather breeds, the two directors are submerged in her everyday life, the lives of her friends and family, the early days of her relationship and her pregnancy. Her role as a teenage mother forces her to make decisions she’d never have imagined.

Cent Soleil’s programming committee

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