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France, 1965

Production : Les Films de La Pléiade

Programmed by L'équipe de programmation de Cent Soleils

No dialogue

Blossom in the Brambles


The young Mexican toreador Lomelin is preparing for his first corrida. We follow all the stages leading up to his big moment: the relentless practising of precise movements, the clothing ceremony, the prayers… The concentration and tension are palpable as the time draws closer, and we hold our breath until he enters into the bullring.

Tënk's opinion

Lomelin, an aspiring young Mexican toreador, is approaching his passage to adulthood in a heroic way. The threshold, symbolised by the imminence of his first bullfight, is there, mysterious and formal but also exciting. François Reichenbach’s camera captures all the beauty and power of this moment, sculpting the black and white images, trimming the shots much as Eisenstein does to construct an epic dimension. At the centre of this fresco are the shining eyes of Lomelin who seems already to be looking beyond, towards the glory that awaits him.

Cent Soleil’s programming committee

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