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France, 2008

Production : Septième Sens, Citizen Télévision

Programmed by L'équipe de programmation de Cent Soleils



Blossom in the Brambles


In February 2006, the French government enacted the CPE: First Employment Contract. During a two-year trial period, this contract can be broken without any motive. Whereas the government praises the flexibility of the contract, some young French people rebel against their precarious living conditions. The movie shows the students during their battle against the CPE, in a Provincial university picketed and turned into a “Fort Alamo”. They are simple students, ordinary protesters who don’t belong to the influent circles. Through a behind-closed-door film, we see the birth of that generation’s political awareness and identification with the political legacy received from their parents. Through this struggle, we can also see the different stages of a ritual and universal passage to adulthood.

Tënk's opinion

In 2006, the “Contrat Première Embauche” (First Employment Contract) bill heralds the risk of increasing job insecurity for young people. Boom and camera in hand, Daniela de Felice and Matthieu Chatellier accompany Caen’s striking students barricaded in their university as though it were a besieged city. Submerging us in the event, the film shares with us the life of a collective in its almost organic reality, fuelled by the desires the students confide to the camera. Obviously, it’s about putting stopping a bill seen as unjust, but something more profound is going on: the urgent need to dream of their life together. A magic moment, a “rite of passage” before following the well-trodden paths of the well-planned lives that our society has always/already prepared for them.

Cent Soleil’s programming committee

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