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Israël, 1997

Production : Les Films d'Ici

Programmed by Christophe Postic, Pascale Paulat


French, English

Avi Mograbi's films


As the 1996 elections approach, director Avi Mograbi sets out to make a documentary about a figure both admired and disliked, a former minister and a legendary army general, Ariel Sharon. Mograbi, who was a conscientious objector to the 1982 Lebanon War, has a very “personal” point of view on Sharon, the mastermind of that war. Nevertheless, while making the film, he seems to begin to see Sharon in a different light. To his surprise, Mograbi discovers that Sharon is warm and friendly.

Tënk's opinion

How do you approach the enemy without losing integrity? What do you film? When and where do you stop? Avi Mograbi’s first feature-length film packs a punch each time you see it. Burlesque, subversive and surprising, it shakes you up and shifts your perspective at every turn. Facing the camera, Mobgrabi performs a character that is not his own, craftily swerving in and out of fiction to bring out the complexities of reality. Humour is his counter weapon, and his “confession box” is an inventive device to set him apart from militant cinema.

Pascale Paulat and Christophe Postic
Artistic co-directors of the festival
of the États généraux du documentaire film festival in Lussas

Here is an interview with Avi Mograbi conducted by Jean-Marie Barbe in August 2021 during the États généraux du film documentaire, in Lussas. In it, the director talks about his films and in particular his latest one, “The First 54 Years - A Short Manual of Military Occupation”.

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