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United-States, 2008

Original music : Thomas Mapfumo Production : Mouvement Revolution Productions

Programmed by Jean-Marie Barbe


"Nora" is based on true stories of the dancer Nora Chipaumire, who was born in Zimbabwe in 1965. In the film, Nora returns to the landscape of her childhood and takes a journey through some vivid memories of her youth. Using performance and dance, she brings her history to life in a swiftly moving poem of sound and image. Shot entirely on location in Southern Africa, Nora includes a multitude of local performers and dancers of all ages, from young schoolchildren to ancient grandmothers, and much of the music is specially composed by a legend of Zimbabwean music: Thomas Mapfumo.

Tënk's opinion

"Nora" is a dancer’s return to her homeland. Like many others, she had fled Zimbabwe to settle for a few days on the other side of the border. Over this short film, she relates her story through dance. Musicians, children, elders and teenagers are at the heart of this film. And the village is its theatre. This choreographic work, punctuated with a few segments of text, tells us the story of the life of Nora Chipaumire. Its dynamics are those of anger, which organises and underpins the film. Hence, we understand that, for the dancer, dance is a means of escape. It is the revenge of grace over pain.



Jean-Marie Barbe
Producer, Editorial Coordinator of Tënk and Co-founder of the États Généraux du Film Documentaire de Lussas



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