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France, Switzerland, 2008

Programmed by Line Peyron

French, German




En partant de l’hôpital de la Waldau à Berne qui recèle une vaste collection d’œuvres d’artistes schizophrènes de plusieurs milliers d’œuvres plastiques, Michel Beretti et Hervé Nisic explorent les relations étonnantes, nourries de fascination, parfois inconscientes de créateurs pour les artistes d’art brut, et ce jusqu’à nos jours.

Tënk's opinion

Watching this film, you’re led to think that a simple gesture or text is all it takes to shake up the whole history of art. Wasn’t that the case back in 1907, when Marcel Réja published L’Art Chez les Fous, the book that brought recognition to the term ‘art brut’, coined by Jean Dubuffet? This is a study of the human imagination, and how it teeters on a fine line between two different worlds when it is fed on obsession and suffering, and finds release in acts of creation. ‘Madness’ and/is ‘Genius’?

Line Peyron

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