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France, 1985

Production : Films du lagon bleu, CNAP, CNRS Audiovisuel

Programmed by Sylvain Bich





Georges Rousse was born in Nice in 1948. He started out working as a photographer in advertising and it wasn’t until much later that he discovered painting. He wanders around disused and derelict premises destined to be abandoned or pulled down (in Bercy, France, and New York warehouses), and then, for several days, paints murals that he photographs before leaving the site that will soon be demolished.

Tënk's opinion

You have to see Christophe Loizillon’s film because it proves – if proof were still needed – that the duration, the length of a film is never a guarantee of the complexity of its idea. Ten minutes, ten short minutes and a single sentence uttered are enough for the director to convey the wealth and beauty of George Rousse’s work. A simple, unpretentious film that uses all the cinematographer’s evocative power to portray the artist’s work, his commitment, his origins and what moves him. A lesson in filmmaking – a gem!

Sylvain Bich
Film projectionist

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