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United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, 1974

Production : Norvegian Broadcasting

Programmed by Sylvain Bich

English, Norwegian




Late 19th century in Norway. Edvard Munch is a promising young painter but he is also a man tormented by his love dramas, the fear of falling ill and tapped by an idea: to be recognized at the height of his talent… Wounded by critics, rejected by the bourgeoisie to which he wants to belong, he ends up finding refuge with the anarchists. Then begins the incredible destiny of an essential artist of the expressionist movement…

Tënk's opinion

How to understand a painter, his art?
For Watkins, the answer is complex: one cannot understand him/her without understanding an intimate context, but also the societal and political stakes which cross an era. Everything is linked. And it is with strength that Watkins tackles this task.
Far from the classical form of the "artist's portrait" which generally alternates between archival documents and reconstitution, the filmmaker invents a singular form: as if Munch and his contemporaries had been constantly filmed. Thus the filmmaker does not seek to illustrate or document a subject, but to capture in one film what Munch and his time were, using the multiple resources of the audiovisual tool (the editing is particularly remarkable).
"Edvard Munch" is a work, of a rare amplitude, that contains the expression of a revolt, of a commitment that runs just as much through the work of the painter Munch as that of the filmmaker Watkins.

Sylvain Bich
Film projectionist

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