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8 days


France, 2012

Production : Andolfi

Programmed by Arnaud Lambert





This film is a document shot during the post-production of Christine Pascal’s final movie “Adultery: A User’s Guide”, edited by Jacques Comets at the Audis de Joinville le Pont studio between November 1994 and March 1995, just before the arrival of mobile phones and digital editing.

Tënk's opinion

During the editing of “Adultery: A User’s Guide”, assistant editor Anne Dutertre grabbed an Hi8 camera to film the writing phase that’s rarely shown, where a film is discussed and gradually finds its shape and rhythm. It is, therefore, an invaluable document about the very specific atmosphere that reigns in the editing suite (before the arrival of digital editing, but that, in reality, is secondary). “I really wanted to film Christine”, Anne Dutertre said later. “Diary” was born of this compelling desire and a painstaking tenderness. This impressive tribute to the filmmaker, whose presence is radiant, also offers an account of the customs and habits of French cinema, with some of its leading figures (Isabelle Huppert, Vincent Cassel, Richard Berry, etc.) featuring in the movie. In the opening minutes, Christine Pascal jokes about how her film will be received by the media, announcing the director’s “future suicide”. With chilling irony, this suicide did occur just over a year later, lending these fragile images, long-forgotten on shelf, the bitter taste of elegy. This movie offers us something that’s very hard to film, something that almost always escapes us – a simple moment at work, a simple moment of happiness…

Arnaud Lambert

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