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Italy,Argentina,Slovenia, 2015

Original music : Luca Ciut Production : Exit media

Programmed by Claudia Maci


English, French



Maria Fux has spent her entire life teaching dance, especially to disabled people. But now, at 90, she’s decided that her toughest student was probably herself!

Tënk's opinion

“Rhythm is in space, and I move because rhythm is also in my body”. This is one of the teaching principles of Maria Fux, the Argentinian pioneer of dance therapy, as told by Ivan Gergolet in a documentary that retraces the key moments in her long life and records the deepest expression of her method, to the point of capturing the catharsis that each gesture produces. On the faces of Maria and her students, on the hands that flutter and twirl as they illustrate sounds, the narrow shots of Gergolet’s camera immortalise the energy and physical and mental strength that each movement liberates, the freedom to be unconditional, sharing a form of expression that knows no obstacles.
Because Maria’s dancing is a dance for everyone, it’s an intrinsic rhythm that surpasses the limitations of a 90 year-old woman’s agility or those of a body twisted by polio, it’s a rhythm that manages to scale the wall of deafness, that knows neither age nor origin: it’s an ode to life!

Claudia Maci
Managing Director of Festival dei Popoli

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