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Finland, 2020

Production : Giron Filmi Oy

Programmed by Line Peyron

Finnish, Swedish, Inuktitut

French, English



Markku Lehmuskallio has devoted a large part of his documentary work to the indigenous people of the Arctic Circle. In this latest film, co-directed with his son Johannes Lehmuskallio, he composes a fascinating poetic ethnography inspired by the singing, dancing, forms of contemporary existence and, above all, the vital breath of these nomad communities mistreated by History. In Inuit, the word meaning to bring forth a poem is the same as the word to breathe. The word is a derivative of anerca. “Anerca” means soul, breath of life. In the film “Anerca”, Arctic peoples breathe.

Tënk's opinion

Movements and voices expressing age-old stories… and a history that encompasses thousands of years of traditions and rituals now facing the violence that exists in today’s world. Communities on the verge of extinction, clinging on and fighting to make visible what’s gradually becoming imperceptible – but also as essential and primordial as the air we breathe. The filmmakers offer us a musical score that’s as magical as the lights in the Arctic’s night sky – magic that’s filled with the hope and strength of the new generations’ struggles.




Line Peyron
Head of diffusion of Tënk




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