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France, Algeria, 2013

Original music : Etienne Jaumet, Cosmic Neman, Zombie Zombie Production : Centrale électrique

Programmed by Annick Peigné-Giuly


The children play at bombing in the sea while the adults play at bombing in the city… It’s Algiers in March 1962, and it’s kicking off everywhere. While the French army are spraying the OAS with bullets, the kids are stealing from the French army –oil, chocolate, semolina, sugar, and even a prisoner of war condemned to eat a plate of beans. But war catches up with the adventure and covers the beans with blood.

Tënk's opinion

Re-enacting the history of yesteryear using the imagination of the children of today. This re-enactment of the Algerian War in 1962 with kids from Algiers in 2013 is the starting point for this bold first movie from producer Narimane Mari. From there, the children appropriate the rules of the game with the transgressive force of their youth, launching into a dishevelled warrior choreography on an Algerian beach, followed closely by Nasser Medjkane’s camera. The film is terrifyingly free and spontaneous, with a disturbing intensity and fragility. More than simply fighting for a nation’s freedom, this is also about individual freedom in the most universal sense possible.

Annick Peigné-Giuly
Artistic director of Corsica.Doc Festival

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